Miss Upper East Ghana
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Miss Upper East Ghana Opens Nominations For 2022 Edition

The administration of Ayelbis Events, who host Miss Upper East Ghana, the most prestigious cultural and beauty pageant in the Upper East, makes a cordial invitation to interested women to sign up for their 2022 edition.

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They formally announced it on their Facebook page with the following words:
“This is to inform the general public that the Ayelbis Events is set to begin Audition registration for the 5th edition of Miss Upper East Ghana 2022, starting from Monday 1st August to 31st August 2022. This year’s pageant is under the theme: ” UPHOLDING AND PRESERVATION OF OUR INDIGENOUS CULTURAL VALUES IN THE UPPER EAST REGION “.

According to the organizers, they want to start this year’s edition early because:
To kick start any edition of the Miss Upper East Ghana pageant It takes a lot of preparations, energy, and astute planning to bring out the best and also improve upon the previous editions.”

However, all aspiring contestants are advised to register early so they can catch up with our online orientation, Task execution, and grooming ahead of time.

Also, We are super excited to announce the brand sponsor ” HAPPY MAN BITTERS ” as the official Headline Sponsor for the 5th edition of this year’s Miss Upper East Ghana 2022.

For enquires kindly contact our call or WhatsApp numbers: 0246306333, 0241160339 and 054-139-1333

Samuel Awuni
Miss Upper East Ghana Head of Programs,” The statement ended.

Miss Upper East Ghana


An annual beauty contest called Miss Upper East Ghana focuses on exhibiting the moral values of the Upper East Region.
The Miss Upper East Ghana pageant, or MUEG for short, focuses on promoting the culture of the Upper East Region through a variety of platforms, such as promoting the languages, dances, songs, storytelling, clothing, and food we consume.
These are all incorporated into the pageant as contestants are exposed to a variety of cultural activities, including showcasing traditional and cultural clothing from different cultures, showcasing Upper east made clothing, as well as cultural cooking, all of which are exciting platforms for cultural ethics.


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