Sarkodie To Jump On DopeNation’s Latest Banger “Check My Zingo”

In a groundbreaking revelation, Sarkodie dropped a tantalizing hint about an upcoming collaboration that is set to shake the music world. Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing fusion as Dopenation, the exceptionally talented musical twin duo, teams up with the iconic King Sark on their latest hit single, “Check My Zingo.”

Crafted under the expert guidance of producer B2, this 3-minute banger made its grand debut on June 30th, 2023, captivating audiences worldwide. With over 10.8k views on Spotify already, it’s evident that the excitement is skyrocketing.

IMG 2138

The magnetic pull of “Check My Zingo” didn’t escape the attention of King Sark, who found himself caught up in the infectious wave. Taking to Twitter, he openly expressed his desire to be a part of this chart-topping sensation, reaching out to the dynamic duo with an invitation to collaborate.

And that’s not all! In an exclusive sneak peek on his Instagram story, King Sark treated his fans to a glimpse of his recording session, teasing them with his electrifying verse for “Check My Zingo.”

Sarkodie To Jump On DopeNation’s Banger "Check My Zingo"

The countdown has begun as anticipation reaches a fever pitch. The musical masterpiece is primed to become the ultimate December jam, promising to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Stay tuned for this highly-anticipated banger, as the collision of talent between Dopenation and King Sark is destined to be nothing short of extraordinary.


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