The Alleged Gay Partner of Afia Schwar’s Son Finally Speaks

Nana Tornado accused Afia Schwar’s twin son, James, of being a notorious gay just a few hours earlier.

Afia Schwar, according to Nana Tornado, is an irresponsible mother who has ruined her children, which is why James is now gay.

If Afia Schwar does not halt her sully campaign on him, Nana Tornado has threatened to wash all of her dirty laundry outside.

In the middle of the uproar, James Heerdegen’s supposed gay lover has finally spoken out about the situation.

Richie, the man whose name has been revealed, has categorically denied being gay and currently dating James.

Richie responded to the situation in the comments section of an Instagram post, stating that everything will make sense when the time comes, and Nana Tornado’s lies will be exposed.

And, for those who claim he urged Nana Tornado to drag his name into the kerfuffle for fame, there’s no way he’d make such a devastating accusation only to get clout.

The Alleged Gay Partner of Afia Schwar's Son Finally Speaks

Meanwhile, Afia Schwar has yet to comment on the situation, and we know it’ll be another week of drama.


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