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The video was not meant for me, I’m Not “Kwame”, see you in court- Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband responds

Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband, has come out to refute rumors that the singer’s video circulating on social media was given to him.

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Following the distribution of a video in which the singer was drunk and proclaiming her love for a man named “Kwame,” the artist’s management issued a statement.

According to management, the tape was provided to Joyce’s ex-husband as a private property.

“This video is, first of all, an old video of a loving wife expressing private feelings to her husband, and the contents were not meant to be circulated publicly,” they stated.


Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband, has disputed management’s claims that the tape was provided to him.

“The video was not meant for me. I am Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, I am not Kwame and the video Joyce made was sent to a Kwame and you know the Kwame you sent the video to. This is an old issue, but the fact that you stated that the video was sent to me is why I’m responding. In the video, you were wearing the wedding ring I gave you, so you were still married to me when you made the video. So today, if that video has been leaked, you should have called me first to explain, maybe because of the kids, I would have helped you out. But your are trying to pin the video on me, I will let Ghanaians know it wasn’t me. You have beaten me and hurt me, painting me black in the yes of Ghanaians. Joyce, the video was not sent to me, so the statement by your management has been given to my lawyers and we will meet in court,” he stated in a video posted online.

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