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6 Best Food To Eat After S*x

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6 Best Food To Eat After S*x

S*x can make you feel both very fulfilled and depleted.

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Depending on how dynamic your partner is, sex can burn anywhere from 60 to 100 calories on average. Even if you’re eating more or less than that, eating after sex is more about replenishing your energy and taking supplements than it is about regaining your lost calories.


Excellence Wellbeing 6 food options to add to your diet if you want a better body after sex Eating after sex is important because it helps you feel better and keep you more loose and energized.

After sex, food, on the other hand, shouldn’t just come from trash or bad food. Sex can make you feel either very empty or very full. Therefore, if you need an encore, you really need food for recovery or sexual endurance. After having sex, these sex food sources help the body get back on its feet and boost energy levels.


The word “avocado” comes from an Aztec word for “gonad.”

Avocados are great for the balls, if nothing else, in addition to the fun facts about them. Avocados are pliable and high in vitamin E, a vital cellular reinforcement that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular infections by enlarging veins. It might also lessen damage to the DNA in sperm.


The veins are loosened by watermelon. Additionally, it contains citrulline, which improves and revitalizes your mental state; Consequently, it is an excellent snack for sex.


6 Best Food To Eat After S*x

A sexual encounter can be halted by issues. So, eat a banana and drink water before and after having sex to avoid muscle spasms or fits.


After sex, apple is probably the best organic product you should consider; It has a few basic supplements in it that give your body some sensations and make you much looser than you are right now. It is said that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, it has been discovered that the natural fruit can improve women’s sexual coexistence and make their bodies more fluid and dynamic during and after sex.


After sex, you probably won’t need to be full, but it’s important, so a simple dinner of potatoes would be fine. It’s light enough to keep you satisfied without filling you up too much. There are many different ways to prepare potatoes, depending on how you like them.



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