BREAKING NEWS: Over 30 pupils from an Islamic Senior high school are sent to the hospital after police allegedly sprayed tear gas at them

At least 30 pupils from the Islamic Senior High School in Abrepo, Ashanti Region, were sent to the hospital after police allegedly used tear gas on them while protesting frequent road accidents in front of the school.

In their protest against repeated knockdowns, the school’s kids are claimed to have stopped the road in front of their school.

They bemoaned the fact that repeated pleas for speed ramps had gone unheeded.

The police were brought in to clear the roadblock and disperse the demonstrating mob, said to Citi News’ Ashanti Regional correspondent Hafiz Tijani.

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As a result of the tear gas being fired at them, some of the kids were alleged to have passed out while others were left in excruciating discomfort.

Ambulances are currently stationed at the school, bringing injured pupils to the hospital, and police presence has increased.

Following the incident, some parents have flocked to the school.

“I heard there is a scuffle in the school and the police attacked the students, shooting and beating them. I heard the police chased them even into their dormitories and were beating the girls. I feel very bad seeing school children on the floor unconscious. Everybody is messed up here,” a parent said.


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