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Guy Who Pretended To Be A Woman To Give Accra’s Big Boys Head Finally Speaks

A man in his early twenties had his cup filled just two days ago after he was nabbed for posing as a lady to offer head to his clients.

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According to reports, the “man-woman” has been hooking up for nearly two years and constantly poses as a girl on Snapchat and other social media sites.

Guy Who Pretended To Be A Woman

Because he always wears a wig and an ass-pad, it’s impossible to tell he’s a guy from the images he posts on the internet.

Well, I caught up with him after meeting an extremely hardcore client who demanded that he strip naked since he suspected he wasn’t a girl.

The man has remained silent about the controversy since his video became viral on the internet, but he has chosen to speak out now since the trolls and insults he has been receiving over the past few days have been overwhelming.

He claimed emphatically in an interview that his clients are aware of his gender and that he did not deceive them in any way.

Watch The Video Below:


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