Khaby Lame Becomes The World’s Most Followed Tik Toker With Over 143 million Followers

Khaby Lame, a wordless comedian, has surpassed all other TikTok stars in terms of global followers.

Senegalese social media influencer Khabane Lame resides in Italy.
His TikTok films, in which he silently mocks overly complex life hack videos, are well-known.

Lame, 22, overtook North American influencer Charli D’Amelio, who had had the top slot since 2020, when she hit 142.5 million followers on Thursday night.

After a protracted follower war lasting months, Lame, posting under the TikTok handle @khaby.lame, managed to surpass D’Amelio’s 142.4 million followers.

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The social media sensation, who was raised in Italy but was born in Senegal, used to work at a factory. After losing his job, he joined the platform in March 2020. Khabane Lame is his true name.

With his humorous, wordless movies that mostly feature him silently ridiculing other Tik Tokers, especially those who advise “life hacks,” Lame rapidly became well-known on the app.

“If u wanna laugh u r in the right place,” reads his TikTok page. 
Khaby Lame

Despite his modest beginnings, Lame has made friends with the powerful over the course of his two-year TikTok career. He has also attended glitzy events and earned rich endorsement deals with brands like Hugo Boss.

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