Man Arrested in Bia West For Allegedly Killing A Landlord

Reportedly, a man in his late 40s has allegedly decapitated his landlord, identified as Kwasi Antoh, 60, in Yaw Anane, a farming community within the Bia West District of the Western North Region.

The incident was confirmed by Augustine Bediako, the assemblyman for the Nafana Electoral Area, who stated that both the victim and the suspect were farmers. The victim owned the farm, while the suspect, Yaw Wotoro, served as the farm’s caretaker.

The assemblyman explained that Kwasi Antoh expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the farm during a visit, as it lacked proper maintenance and cultivation. This led to a confrontation, which escalated due to other concerns, such as the suspect’s alleged advances toward the victim’s daughter.

In a fit of frustration, the suspect, Yaw Wotoro, used a cutlass to fatally injure his landlord’s neck behind the house before fleeing. Community members conducted a search, ultimately apprehending the suspect.

The assemblyman advised residents to promptly report similar incidents to the authorities. The suspect is presently in police custody in Akaatiso, located in the Bia West District.

Man Arrested in Bia West For Allegedly Killing A Landlord


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