The Real Reason Achraf Hakimi’s Wife Is Trying to Get a Divorce (See Details)

The news that Achraf Hakimi’s wife is trying to get a divorce and wants half of his assets has made headlines.

The court has illuminated her that her tycoon spouse has no property, as everything is enrolled in his mom’s name.

Hakimi does not own any real estate, cars, homes, jewelry, or even clothing despite receiving €1 million per month from PSG. He asks his mother to buy him anything he wants.

Although this information is unexpected, the question remains: Why is the wife of Hakimi seeking a divorce?

Recent events suggest that his rape case is the primary reason. In Walk 2023, Achraf Hakimi was arraigned for assault.

The Real Reason Achraf Hakimi's Wife Is Trying to Get a Divorce (See Details)

The 24-year-old Moroccan national was accused of assaulting a similar-aged woman at his residence on February 25.

The sportsman’s lawyer is of the opinion that his client has been the target of “attempted extortion.” However, Hakimi has been charged with rape and placed under court supervision by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office.

The woman reportedly met Hakimi in January via Instagram and reported the rape on February 27 to the police station.

It is believed that Hakimi’s wife is seeking a divorce for this reason alone. She now has doubts about her husband, so she wants to stay safe and protect herself.

The court must determine the truth of the serious allegations made against Hakimi. The football player’s personal life and professional life are currently in jeopardy.

The sports world has been rocked by the announcement that Hakimi’s wife wants a divorce and the reasons behind it.

What will happen to Hakimi’s career and how the court will handle his rape case are the questions that remain for his fans. This developing story will undoubtedly receive additional illumination in the coming days.

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